Why Us ?

Ken International Law Office practice adheres to Bar Association Codes of Conduct and Professional Responsibility. Our focus is on providing dedicated professional services and maintaining long term relationships with our select clientele. We often provide litigation services and consultant services on Thailand legal matters to law firms, courts and agencies throughout the world. We advise Thai and international based corporate clients with their businesses and projects within Thailand as well providing assistance to private individuals with legal matters in or concerning Thailand.

We are a full-service Thailand law firm composed of licensed lawyers from Thailand. Our lawyers have decades of experience in Thailand’s legal system. We handle cases for businesses as well as individuals both in and outside Thailand. Our lawyers as well as legal assistants are fluent in Thai. This is especially important when the cases involve Thai and foreign nationalities.

We have experienced Thai attorneys who have handled the full spectrum of legal cases in Thailand for more than 20 years and who are specialized in Thailand cases involving non-Thai nationals. Besides being a full-service law firm, we provide realistic legal counseling based on the facts and evidence of the case. We DO NOT make frivolous promises to our clients that all cases could be won and success guaranteed, but we DO promise to put our clients’ interests first and do our best to get the desired results for our clients. In Thailand, it is common to have tough cases involving constant negotiations in and out of the courtroom; our lawyers are equipped with accomplished trial skills necessary for fighting such tough cases. Our clients can be assured of legal guidance from start to finish, and we believe in presenting clearly all the services rendered throughout the case to our clients.