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Company Structures In Thailand

Business registration has increased as more foreigners are doing business in Thailand. During the second quarter of 2013, the Thai economy had expanded by more than 4%, with exports mainly serving as the main engine of growth for the greater Thai economy together with government spending. Consult us today about your company in Thailand.

The latest economic figures this year has reflected that domestic demand was improving owing to greater political clarity, continued economic stimulus and lower inflation. Doing business in Thailand has never been better than now. With regard to economic stability in Thailand, inflationary pressure continued to decline due to retail oil prices which had remained below the 2006 level this owing to a much stronger baht amongst other factors.

Doing business in Thailand, you have the choice over what type of business organization to establish. There are 3 different types of businesses which can be registered :

Brief Summary Of Options :

Thai Limited Company
Private limited companies are owned by at least three shareholders and managed by a board of directors.

Thai Partnership
Ordinary partnership is a business owned and managed by a minimum of two persons.

Thai Representative Office
The office of an overseas company established in Thailand in order to engage in international trade.

Visit any of the above mentioned pages for a full explanation of the business structure of each option. Thai limited companies are chosen by most foreigners when doing business in Thailand. Make certain you are aware of what business activity your company will be engaging in or simply contact Ken International Law Office for professional advice and assistance from any of our Thai lawyers or any number of our foreign lawyers. Doing business in Thailand can be profitable and hassle free. Let us take care of your legal needs. Contact us today.